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He is Rajesh.....the handsome bloke......doesnt he?

He is Manoj..... the most eligible bachelor in my group of friends.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Story of a woman - "Radha"

This is written in a screenlplay outline form.

RADHA is a 26-27 years old beautiful woman. She is staying with her friend LEENA who is of her age and works in TV serials. Radha is lost in her thoughts. Leena's entry breaks her reverie. She tells her that she has arranged a rented flat for her.
Next day Radha shifts in the flat. That evening they go to a party. Although Radha does not like to go to parties but this time due to Leena’s insistence, she gets ready to go. Radha finds herself out of the place in the party. There she meets with RAJEEV. He is a dancer and runs a dance school. He is an attractive guy in his late twenties.
Radha has come back from the party. She is on her bed remembering her first meeting with VIKRAM. He is an attractive guy of her age. (We come to know that there was a guy named Vikram in her life.)
Next morning Rajeev comes at her flat. They surprise to see each other. He has brought coffee for her. Initially Radha hesitates. He tells her that the other night in the party Leena had told him about her. He further tells that he also lives in this building. Then she takes coffee from him but does not invite him inside. After a while Leena calls her up and tells her that she forgot to tell her about Rajeev the other night and that he is a good friend of her.
Radha sets the house in order, she arranges things, does cleaning, dusting. Whole day goes by in that. In the evening she waits for Leena. Leena calls her up and tells her that she would not able to come for the dinner. Radha gets angry and hangs up on her. After a while Rajeev comes and invites her for the dinner. She surprises. He tells her that Leena had called him up and asked to give you company for the dinner. But she turns down politely. Rajeev goes back but he returns again with dinner. This time, Radha could not put him off. Both have dinner together.
After dinner Rajeev has gone and Radha is remembering her first date With Vikram. She is having dinner with him. (We come to know that she still loves Vikram.)
Next day Leena meets with Radha. They go to meet with an EDITOR of a magazine who happens to be Leena’s friend. She is a good-looking woman in her mid thirties. They meet her at the office. Leena tells her that Radha used to write columns for a magazine in the past. The editor agrees to give her work.
Both are having dinner at Radha's home. Leena is very happy that Radha has got job. But Radha is not very enthusiastic about it. Leena tries to convince her that it would help her forget the past. Radha says that she still loves Vikram and can not forget him. She starts crying.
One day Rajeev and Radha come across at the gate of their building. Both are returning home. As Rajeev approaches his flat, he offers Radha a cup of coffee. Radha tries to make an excuse but when he insists then she invites him for coffee at her home instead. He agrees on that.
Both are having coffee. He asks her why she remains so reserved. But she does not reply.
As time goes by Radha gets busy in writing columns for the magazine. Leena keeps coming to meet her on and off. Rajeev also comes across occasionally.
One day the editor of the magazine tells her that readers like her columns and she wants her to work on the cover story of their coming issue. She informs the issue will focus on the problem of AIDS in India and its various aspects. But Radha does not want to work on this story so she makes an excuse. The editor tries to convince her and gives her some time to think about it.
Leena also tries to convince her that this is a great opportunity for her and she should not miss it. But Radha does not agree. Leena says that she should take it as a challenge and face the reality instead of shying away from it and after all she does not know what the reality is. (Their conversation reveals that Radha has traumatized past that have something to do with AIDS.) At last, after much convincing, Radha gets ready to take up this assignment.
Next day Radha meets with the editor. Editor is happy with her decision and gives her an address of a person who runs an organisation that works for the rehabilitation of AIDS patients.
Radha meets with this man named VIKAS CHAUDHARY. He is in his early thirties. He gets ready to help her on this cover story and to give her all the details she needs. He briefs her about the patients and various activities of the organization. She meets with HIV patients who live there. A SMALL GIRL tells her that she wants to become a doctor so that she can help the sick people, another TEENAGER who also takes part in the activities of the organization tells her enthusiastically about his plans for the organization. Radha amazes to see their optimism, perseverance and love for life. This experience hits her emotions and gives her much needed emotional strength.
Vikas tells her that they are also getting lots of help from outside and many people from different professions are contributing in the organization in their own ways. He tells that some of the patients go to learn dance in a dance school. (Radha comes to know that he is referring to Rajeev's dance school.) She surprises to know that Rajeev is constantly helping this organization.
Radha first time visits Rajeev's dance school. He pleasantly surprises to see her there. She tells him about that organization and expresses her desire to meet with those AIDS patients who are learning dance at his dance school. He introduces her with them. He also tells her about his association with this organization. She appreciates his commitment for this noble cause but does not express it.
Leena comes to meet her. She tells her that she is going out of city for the shooting of her serial.
Radha starts working on the cover story with gusto. In this regard, she visits that organization several times. She studies day to day life of patients, she talks to them, and she observes various aspects of their life.
She also does a special story on the AIDS patients, who are learning dance at Rajeev's dance school. In this regard, she also visits his dance school several times and interacts with those AIDS patients. She also interacts with him during her visits to his dance school. She starts liking him.
The editor is very happy with Radha's work. She tells her that her story on those AIDS patients of the dance school is very sensitive as well as very emotional and it will certainly touch the emotions of the people.
That edition of the magazine creates lots of news. The editor congratulates Radha and tells her about the party that is being thrown on the success of this edition. She invites her in the party.
Radha is returning from her office, Rajeev sees her on his way. He offers her lift in his car. She gets in the car. Rajeev appreciates her article in the magazine and congratulates her for bring up this issue in such an effective manner. He asks her for having lunch with him and for the first time She agrees without any persuasion.
Both have lunch in a restaurant. Radha asks him about his family. Rajeev tells her that last year his family had a major accident in which he lost his parents and he himself had got injured seriously. Seeing mood getting serious he changes the topic and asks her about her next assignment. She tells him about the party and invites him.
Radha and Rajeev go to the party. In the party everybody appreciates her articles, specially her story on those AIDS patients of dance school. The editor introduces her with a representative of a TV channel. His name is MR. DHARIWAL. He is obese and would be in his late forties. He is very impressed with her articles and wants her to work with them. He asks her if she can come to his office next day.
Radha and Rajeev are returning from the party. On the way, he asks her about the offer given by Mr. Dhariwal. She is not very keen on it. He advises her not to miss this opportunity. She notices his concern about her and says that she will think about it.
Radha meets with Mr. Dhariwal at his office. He tells her that they are launching a talk show and they want her to host it. He says that in this show social issues will be raised and they have decided to focus on the problem of AIDS in India in its very first episode. She agrees to host it.
In the evening Radha and Rajeev are preparing dinner at her flat to celebrate it then Leena comes. Seeing her there unexpectedly both gets uncomfortable. She teases them that makes them even more uncomfortable. Then to change the mood, she informs them that she has got a film. Now moods get cheerful. They have dinner together. After dinner Rajeev takes their leave.
Now, Radha and Leena are talking. Leena asks her about her feelings for Rajeev. She says that she likes him because he is a very good human being and there is nothing going on between them. Leena does not say anything.
Radha is at the office of TV channel. Mr. Dhariwal introduces her with people associated with the show. They talk about the show.
Radha meets with the editor at her office. She congratulates her and wishes her all the luck for her show. She also expresses her hope that she will keep on writing for her magazine. Radha promises that she will continue writing for the magazine. She also expresses her gratitude for giving her work in the time of need.
Radha also meets with Vikas in his office. They are talking at that moment a small girl comes and asks her when she will come on the TV. Radha asks her with surprise that who tell her about this. Girl cues towards Vikas. Radha tells her that she will come on the TV soon. Vikas congratulates her and tells her that Rajeev has given him this news. She discusses about the show with him.
Radha and Rajeev are talking about the shooting of the show. She asks him if he can come on the shooting tomorrow. He says that he can not promise because he has to go through some medical tests tomorrow. He tells her that he has been unwell for last few days and doctors could not diagnose so far. But he asks about the timing of the shooting.
Next day on the set of the show, as shooting is about to begin, at that moment, Rajeev comes in the viewer's stand. She pleasantly surprises to see him there.
Shooting begins. Radha introduces herself and the guests on the panel, who have come to take part in the show. The discussion starts, the series of arguments and counter arguments begins. Viewers also express their views. From the discussion on question comes out that how many men in our so-called progressive society would accept any HIV positive woman. Everyone on the panel says that still in our society it's very unexpected that someone would do so knowingly. When Radha asks this question to the people sitting in the viewer's stand, silence prevails, nobody comes forward. But at that moment, one hand rises. This is Rajeev's hand. He wants to say something. He says if he loves someone, he will accept her even if he knows that she is HIV positive. His arguments impress her.
Radha and Rajeev are returning from the shooting. She asks him if he really means what he said on the show or he was just trying to make a statement. He stops the car and says that he does mean every word he said there and whatever he is going to say now also comes from his heart. On that, She asks him consciously. He says that he loves her. She gets nervous and does not know what to say. She asks him to drive the car.
In the night Radha is on her bed. Her eyes are moist. She remembers the moment of her past life. (In that) Vikram is proposing her. (It feels as if she is trying to evaluate their love for her.)
Next day in the evening, Leena comes to meet Radha. She is watching TV. She looks upset. Seeing her upset Leena asks her the reason. She tells her about the other night. They are talking about it. At that moment, Radha's talk show starts on the TV. They watch it. After that, again Leena asks her about her feeling for Rajeev. This time she keeps silence. Leena says that if she also loves him, she should tell him everything about her past otherwise end this matter right here.
Next day, Rajeev meets with her. He says that he wants to apologize if he has hurt her sentiments in anyway. She says that she wants to tell him about her past life. She tells that she is married. She goes on. (Her past comes alive in her eyes.)
Her first meeting with Vikram takes place in an art exhibition. He does business of antiques and paintings and she works for an art magazine. Because both have interests in arts, they impress each other from their first meeting. After few meetings they come close to each other and fall in love. And after few days of courtship they get married.
After marriage Radha quits her job because she loves him a lot and wants to spend all her time with him.Initially she gets job offers that she turns down. She wants to enjoy her married life. Vikram also does not want her to work.
But with the passage of time he gets busy in his business. He hardly spends time at home. She starts feeling lonely.
Vikram's busy schedule starts taking toll on their marriage. Radha complains about it with him. Sometimes they bicker. It gets worse day by day. In spite of all that, they stay together.
Once, Vikram falls ill. After long treatment doctors diagnose him AIDS. He blames Radha for his condition. She can not bear it anymore and leaves her home.
Rajeev asks her if she is HIV positive. Radha says that she might have got it from Vikram but not sure about it. She says that she even does not want to know it. He asks her if she still loves Vikram. She says that she does not want to talk about it. When he asks her if she loves him then she does not reply. (Her silence tells it all.) Anyway, he still loves her and he admits this once again.
Rajeev's love gives her hope and meaning to her life. She starts enjoying life. They spend lots of time together. She starts showing love for him in her behavior and even learns dance at his dance school. She forgets her past for few days.
But then, she realizes that she has been selfish in love. She is only thinking about her happiness and not about his life. There is no future of their relationship because she does not know whether she is HIV positive or not. So she decides to get out of his life.
Meanwhile, Rajeev comes to know that he is HIV positive. His life shatters. He does not know how he has got this disease because he never has sex with anyone. Doctor tells him about the possibility of getting it through infected blood that was given to him when he got injured in the accident.
On the other hand, Radha has decided to leave the city. She comes to meet him last time but he is not at home. Then she goes to his dance school. There she is told that he has not come here for last couple of days. She goes to his house once again, this time he is at home. She informs him that she is leaving this city. But he does not react. He looks upset. She asks him the reason. Rajeev tells her that he has AIDS. She gets numb. He asks her if she thinks that he would have done something wrong. But she does not say anything and goes away from there.
Next morning Vikram reaches at Radha's flat after tracing her. She surprises to see him there. He tells her that he does not have AIDS and his medical report was wrong. He apologizes for his behavior and tries to make up. He says that they will start their life all over again.
For a moment, Radha forgets everything. She feels that her first love has come back. She has always craved for him and now he has returned in her life. She feels happy. Vikram tells her that he has got her ticket booked with him in today's flight. So she should pack her things quickly because they have to leave for the airport right now. She gets ready to go with him.
But the next moment, she realizes that now everything is not same like before because now she loves with Rajeev. But she is confused because on one hand there is Vikram, whom she has loved a lot and on the other hand there is Rajeev, who loves her a lot. She can not decide what to do and set out for the airport with Vikram.
But on the way to airport, her doubts get clear. She realizes that Vikram is selfish and he does not love her, in fact he loves himself only. Whereas Rajeev still loves her even after knowing her past and more importantly, she loves him now.
At the airport, Radha tells Vikram that she does not love him now and therefore she can not come with him. She returns.
Rajeev is teaching dance steps at his dance school. At that moment, from the backside, somebody asks him if he will teach her dance. He turns back and finds Radha there. They dance together.

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